Robust risk quantification and management on inherently complex projects are essential for any delivery model

Picking the right delivery model is the just first step in effective risk management. Strong project risk quantification and management could have prevented many of the woes in recent high-profile project failures. Recent Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and large fixed price builds have had some serious challenges managing project risk, overspend and delays over the last few years. But fundamentally, the model wasn’t the downfall. Mismanaging risk starts with misunderstanding it at the outset. Perhaps with a better understanding of risk during planning project sponsors could have seen these issues coming.

PPPs were seen as a way to incentivise better…

Nature is a remedy of many things. It is said that nothing beats the fresh country air — but that is just not enough. For the retired adventure athlete working a desk job in the city, a long weekend is the chance to find the antidote to city life, the epitome of wilderness. Trading the 9–5 grind with needing to fight the bush to co-exist. You’ll find this city dweller searching out places you’ll never see on a travel blog. No guarantees of golden beaches and a good time, just wilderness.

The goal, to find the most remote place in…

The recent study undertaken by Grant Thornton on mid-sized businesses (MSBs) in New Zealand shows that mid-sized companies are barely half as productive as large enterprises, and only slightly more productive than small businesses (as measured by income per employee). A comparison to peers in the equivalent market segments in Australia and the UK reveals that MSBs can be the most productive segment, as it is in those economies.

The total income of the mid-sized business sector in New Zealand grew strongly from 2014 to 2018, however average income per company has not increased. Profits of mid-sized companies have not…

What happens when the nation’s biggest spender changes the way it shops? It has the potential to shift our entire economy.

The Government has just altered its Procurement Rules, which spell out how every Government agency selects which companies get awarded contracts and projects and which products and services it buys. The principles now have a broader meaning alongside the new added rules, there’s a new Supplier Code of Conduct and ‘public value’ has been signposted as the new overarching objective. From up close, this looks like a few minor tweaks to some rather dull agency rules. …

The longer you loan Treasury your money, the higher you would expect the yield to be, so the curve typically looks like an upward slope; it’s been flattening out all year and looks more like a yield pancake.

US yield curves have declined over 2019 causing longer term rates lower than some near-term maturities

Diane Swonk, Grant Thornton’s Chief Economist and advisor to the Federal Reserve says, “When people get scared, they fly to the safety of the US bond market, which pushes down long-term yields. You can actually have a self-fulfilling prophecy as a tightening of credit conditions could…

Elisha Nuttall

Management Consultant, Senior Manager and Business writer. Focus on helping organisations make smarter decisions with their data, procurement and process.

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